About Us

Some About us

Spade Community is the one of the largest fast-growing community panel in the world, which provide surveying solutions to its client, partners, and the end client. Users of this website invited through emails, SMS, phone calls to take part in surveys, and in return they get incentives for their participation. Spade Community usually offers points to its users which can be redeemed later. Sometimes users get incentives in form of vouchers after completion of the survey itself. Incentive amounts could vary from US$0.5 to US$500.

Spade Community abide by code of conduct and professional ethics of ESOMAR

Spade Community is part of Spade Market Research Private Limited, a leading Market Research company that operates multiple customer engagement brands.

Please fill a couple of subtleties in our join form and we’ll send you an email to initiate your account. When your account is initiated, you have to create full profile so that we could send you survey matching your profile. After joining you will get $2 as bonus of joining.
You’ll be welcome to take part in surveys for cash either from your inbox or you can log in and participate in the survey from your account. Each survey will give you incentive for sure which you can redeem it through Spade Community website.