Answer Surveys for Gift Cards

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We give all of our members the option of redeeming their points for gift cards to their favorite restaurants. You can redeem your points for a large gift card to one retailer or several smaller gift cards to other retailers; the choice is entirely yours.

We make it simple to find a gift card that appeals to you. See how you can earn free gift cards by taking surveys.

How You Can Earn Gift Cards

In just a few simple steps, you can start earning gift cards for taking online surveys.

• To join our community, create a free Spade Community account. Simply create a login and password.

• Please tell us a little about yourself. We’ll ask you a few questions, such as your name, age, and other information so that we can match you to online surveys. The more information you provide the more paid surveys we can find for you.

• Visit the Answers page to see which online surveys are currently available. You’ll see the survey payout or reward amount as well as the estimated completion time. Choose a survey.

• Complete the online survey by answering all of the questions.

Once you’ve collected at least 1000 points, you can exchange them for a gift card. You can also exchange points for money sent to you through PayPal.

Why would anyone pay me to participate in surveys?

Major organizations and brands are constantly interested in what their customers have to say. They require hundreds or thousands of participants (sometimes millions) to provide feedback on products, services, and new ideas.

Instead of having to track down thousands of participants every time they need consumer feedback, they turn to market research firms and survey sites like Spade Community.

This is where our members come in. Based on your feedback, you assist them in creating, developing, and marketing new products. Members can earn gift cards and money by completing paid online surveys.

Why Use Spade Community for Online Survey Taking?

Spade Community, founded in 2021, has been paying real cash to thousands of members via PayPal for the past two years.

We provide proven results to our advertising partners, allowing us to provide more new paid survey opportunities to our members than other survey sites..

With more opportunities to fill out surveys online, comes more potential to earn the cash you deserve. Companies consistently want to know what you’re thinking to make their products and services better.

Students, stay-at-home mothers, side-hustlers, people with full-time jobs, and anyone else who enjoys discovering new ways to save money and the opportunity to also make some extra cash are all members of our Spade Community. When you have a few minutes to spare, learn a fun way to earn some extra money!

You have the opportunity to influence their future decisions and earn money online!